About Us

AftermarketCat.com is a one man operation based out of Raleigh, NC.

I am a IT guy by trade, a family guy with 3 kids and a great wife, and a victim of catalytic converter theft myself. During this pandemic I have spent my workdays from home and there’s been days or weeks where my car hasn’t really moved out of the driveway.

My car is a Gen 2 Prius that I absolutely love. I had no idea that catalytic converter theft was even a thing until it struck my own car, in my own driveway. And then it nearly happened a second time!

I have created vibrant easy to recognize and understand stickers that can act as a deterrent from catalytic converter theft. I believe they are the first to the market and as they become more popular across the globe it has become the universal signal to potential thieves to move on to a more profitable opportunity.